Fibrelite New Covers Provide Non-Corrosive Anti-Slip Access Solution for Sydney Leisure Centre

Leisure centre redevelopment Auburn, Sydney

Project Overview

As part of the renovation of Auburn City Council’s leisure centre, a simple access solution was required for access to the air conditioning system and balance tanks for the water set under around the perimeter of the pools. Previously, concrete covers had been used, however, poolside conditions are very hard on the metal that makes up the cover structure.

Hassle free and quick cover frame installation
Watertight FL900 B125 cover


The original covers had corroded to a dangerous level, both for those removing them, and patrons walking around in bare feet. This was due to the omnipresent chlorine and moisture at this proximity to a swimming pool, which is corrosive to traditional concrete and metal access covers.


Fibrelite’s standalone covers proved the perfect solution. Composite covers are chemically inert, so have no reaction to either water or chlorine, meaning that the covers will remain watertight and safe to walk on year on year. They are also lightweight, so can be safely and quickly removed by one person using the ergonomically designed FL7A lifting handle. Fibrelite provided a custom coloured solution to blend in with the surroundings. The patented monolithic structure of the covers means that they will not crack or delaminate or fade, as tested by BSI.

Installed cover over balance tanks
Bespoke coloured cover to match floor